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Photo Gallery


At ALaRI the academic year opens usually in middle of September with a welcome party for all new students. The party aims at introducing the new students to the ALaRI staff and to the MSc 2nd year students in order to create collaborative relationships and, why not, new friendships too.
At the end of the academic year, in middle of July, each ALaRI student presents the own master research activity during the ALaRI Final Workshop to university and industrial communities.
The workshop closes with the graduation ceremony. Some days after the workshop, the legendary "Party on the other side of the Lake" takes place. This party is the “Goodbye Lugano” for most graduated students and for this reason some times it becomes so wild. Click Here to see some photos of Lake Party.

Here, we are trying to reconstruct the photographic history of ALaRI. If you have any contribution to this purpose, please contact with photos and details of the event.

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