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Education and Innovation in Embedded Systems Design

USI Università della Svizzera italiana, USI Faculty of Informatics, Advanced Learning and Research Institute USI Università della Svizzera italiana USI Faculty of Informatics USI Advanced Learning and Research Institute

Wireless Sensor Network-based Subscriber Vehicle Identification and Position Detection in On-street Parking Areas

Aim of this feasibility study is to verify a method, based on the wireless sensor network technology (WSN), for detecting the identity and position of subscriber vehicles inside parking locations. A prototype of the algorithm that computes these parameters will be developed and tested; the algorithm will use the triangulation of signals coming from different WSN nodes to compute the position of the vehicle. Thus, RF interferences due to vehicle structure will also need to be studied.

Head of project at USI Alberto Ferrante
ALaRI Personnell Alberto Ferrante
Francesco Bruschi
Starting date Monday, February 1, 2010
Duration (months) 4
Partners involved Università della Svizzera italiana, ALaRI (Switzerland)
BMOB S.a.g.l. (Switzerland)
Funding Agency KTI/CTI Feasibility Study
Research area Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
Project ID 11140.1 PFNM-NM
Status Over