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Education and Innovation in Embedded Systems Design

USI Università della Svizzera italiana, USI Faculty of Informatics, Advanced Learning and Research Institute USI Università della Svizzera italiana USI Faculty of Informatics USI Advanced Learning and Research Institute
TitleSecurity Enhanced Linux on Embedded Systems: a Hardware-accelerated Implementation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFiorin, L., A. Ferrante, K. Padarnitsas, and F. Regazzoni
Conference Name17th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, ASP-DAC 2012
Date Published02/2012
Conference LocationSydney, Australia
Keywordsauthorisation, dedicated hardware, embedded systems, energy consumption, field programmable gate arrays, fine-grained mandatory access control, FPGA-based platform, hardware accelerator, hardware-accelerated implementation, linux, performance overhead reduction, security enhanced Linux

Security Enhanced Linux implements fine-grained mandatory access control. Despite its usefulness, the overhead of implementing it on embedded devices is prohibitive. Therefore, in the past it has been proposed to accelerate SELinux by means of dedicated hardware; in this work we demonstrate the feasibility of such an approach by implementing a hardware accelerator for SELinux on a FPGA-based platform. Our implementation obtains a huge reduction in the performance overhead and energy consumption of SELinux, yet employing a limited chip area.