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Education and Innovation in Embedded Systems Design

USI Università della Svizzera italiana, USI Faculty of Informatics, Advanced Learning and Research Institute USI Università della Svizzera italiana USI Faculty of Informatics USI Advanced Learning and Research Institute
TitleEfficient Software Implementation of AES on 32-Bit Platforms
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBertoni, G M., L. Breveglieri, P. Fragneto, M. Macchetti, and S. Marchesin
Conference NameCHES '02: Revised Papers from the 4th International Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
Conference LocationLondon, UK
ISBN Number3-540-00409-2

Rijndael is the winner algorithm of the AES contest; therefore it should become the most used symmetric-key cryptographic algorithm. One important application of this new standard is cryptography on smart cards. In this paper we present an optimisation of the Rijndael algorithm to speed up execution on 32-bits processors with memory constraints, such as those used in smart cards. First a theoretical analysis of the Rijndael algorithm and of the proposed optimisation is discussed, and then simulation results of the optimised algorithm on different processors are presented and compared with other reference implementations, as known from the technical literature.